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Frugal tip of the day: hunting for deals online

If you’re anything like the average person on Earth, shopping is an addiction very hard to beat. You run around the city all day long, looking for “best offers”. You research and compare, ask around and convince yourself that no matter what you find, there’s always cheaper and better.internet-sale

Take a minute, exhale and turn to your laptop. Now you can be at the office and still find the best offers for various items. Or just relax at home, at the end of the day, when you’re too tired to go out and the shops are closed, anyway. You can plan your shopping spree in advance, with just a few clicks. tells you exactly what’s on sale and where you can find it.

Let’s say you’re looking forward to your next vacation, but you simply can’t find the time to visit travel agencies. Or maybe, you’re on a tight budget and you’re searching for an offer that is both enjoyable and affordable. You can choose from select destinations all over the world, up to 50% off, for a limited amount of time. New Hampshire, the Bahamas, Ireland, I mean anywhere! My personal favorite is a weekend getaway, an inn close to Boston. For less than $100/a night you can experience the peace and quiet of New England’s countryside. Idyllic scenery and free Wi-Fi, what more could you need?

You can also find the best offers for clothes, electronic appliances or even food and drinks. Did you ever think to buy a universal remote control packed inside a throw pillow? Well, now you can, because here, thirty bucks can do just that! If you’re thinking about changing your looks, you can also buy cosmetics and jewelry at half the price and have them shipped to your house.

What you need to have is an email account. Log on to the website, complete your buyer profile and select the categories you would be most interested in. sends you emails about the available offers, according to your preferences. Pick your order and complete the transaction, using your credit card. If you’re unsatisfied with the product, you can always send it back and get a partial refund, at least. The products can also be sent as a gift to somebody you care about. To be honest, this online shopping heaven is the perfect way to shop at an affordable price and even buy “private stuff”, like a gym membership, sparing yourself the inquisitive looks on your friends faces.

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The easiest way to shop

Have you ever been lost when it comes to shopping? Well, fear no more, because somebody’s got it all figured out. You can either put on some nice clothes and go buy the things you need, or simply hang out in your gym clothes and still “go shopping”.

If one day you get too lazy to go out, or the weather is so bad that you think you just might starve before you get the chance to see the light of day, technology comes to your aid. The onlyonline-shopping1 things you absolutely, really need are a good internet connection and a valid credit card.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with online shopping. Whether you just need some groceries, you want to buy clothes, or even things you need around the house, you can find it all in one place. And in this modern day and age, it’s only one click away.’s got it all figured out. Here you can browse different categories, depending on your specific needs. Everything from car care to children’s toys, you name it, they stock it.

While you were browsing for a new electric toothbrush, your best friend announced that she’s getting married. And it so happens you’re not very good at guessing what she might like to receive. Oh, can’t you just buy her a blender and get it over with? Luckily for her (and all the other wedding guests), in order to avoid getting an ashtray a million times over, the lovebirds can now open a wedding registry. The guests get to pick one of the many items pre-chosen by the couple and buy it online. That way you make sure they get exactly what they need, and there is no way you show up at the wedding with a gift they also received from their estranged aunt.

Or maybe you want to throw your kid a birthday party and you simply cannot make time to run around town looking for decorations and paper plates. Let’s not even mention that the little ones always want a theme-party, so you need to be very specific. Click here and there a few times and voila, you can now surprise your kids with a Disney themed party, or a Spiderman party-pack (decorations, balloons, candles and everything they need).

Are you a hunting enthusiast? Forget improvised equipment; always hit the bull’s-eye with, where you can shop for hunting apparel and even game management tools, such as ladder stands or a set of knives. This way, your weekends can quickly change from napping on the couch to going out in the woods, ready to bond with nature and friends that share the same passion. Only now you can safely and completely gear up and test your hunting instincts.

You finally got a new pet. Only now they need a bed of their own. And food. And toys. And God knows what else, you’ve never had a pet before and nobody tells you about everything. Go online and figure it out by yourself. You can easily make your new friend feel right at home, by getting them need-specific items, from flea and tick protection to vanilla scented shampoo. Or maybe a tutu dress designed for small dogs? Yes, that’s real and you can find it online!

You got tired of those bad TV shows and you need a new hobby. How about reading a book? After a long day at work, all you want to do is make yourself a cup of tea and curl up with a good book. You can check out the new picks, as well as some classics and order online.

Whether you want to start learning a new language, or you want your children to hear some new bedtime stories, you can find various literary genres online. And meantime, you can also shop for a gift for your significant others. Or buy nicotine patches to help you stop that nasty addiction. It’s all here, just like in your regular Walmart.

The website also has “value of the day” and “value of the hour” categories, sales that can save you half the money you would spend on an item. And you can sign up for savings, and get emails whenever there’s a new sale available. That way, you’ll never have to miss a clearance, all in the comfort of your home. Just visit the site and make up your shopping list as you go.

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The benefits of buying shoes online

Skechers brand shoes are some of the most popular shoes for kids and adults alike. Luckily, customers no longer need to leave home to browse the extensive collection offered by Skechers, they can simply visit . This website offers users the ability to see every detail of the wide array of shoes offered by Skechers and even the ability of purchasing them online!

Children’s Shoes

The company has long been a trusted name in children’s footwear. These shoes are well constructed but sold at a low price to accommodate both the needs of your growing child, as well as your wallet. offers a wide range of fashionable shoes, sandals, and dress shoes for boys and girls at a great price. The collection offered online has every shoe sold by Skechers, far more than any department store would. Because today’s children and teenagers are very fashion conscious, they strive to keep up with the latest fashion trends in addition to offering a wide variety of classic designs as well.

Men’s Shoes

Because they are a trusted footwear brand in all categories, Skechers men’s shoes are well constructed and are offered at a great price. The website offers the entire range of men’s footwear from casual and athletic shoes to dress shoes perfect for any business meeting. Customers can browse through different categories to quickly find the perfect shoe for their needs. Other browsing methods on the website include the ability to sort by price and size, giving users the opportunity to find the perfect shoes for their needs and their budget.

Women’s Shoes

When fashion and comfort are important, Skechers has the perfect shoes for you. Your feet will thank you for looking through the vast offerings of the website for a pair of shoes to fit any occasion. These shoes come at a great price, so you won’t feel bad for picking up three or four pairs. Whether shopping for shoes to complement the perfect dress or shoes to go running, you can be certain that you are getting the most advanced designs in shoe technology to date. Many new shoes available on offer the latest in memory foam technology ensuring that your feet are comfortable, no matter what.

Bobs For Skechers

Another recent development from the people at Skechers it the “Bobs” program. Any purchase of a pair of Bobs shoes results in the company providing a child in need with a pair of shoes free of charge. These shoes come in many different colors and styles and are priced to compete with any other brand. In addition to adult shoes, Little Bobs offer children’s shoes in the same whimsical styles. To date, over four million pairs of shoes have been donated to needy children around the world. In addition to providing shoes for those in need, these shoes are also designed and produced in an eco-friendly manner and are packaged in green materials.

Skechers Elite

A new program offered by the company is the Skechers Elite program. In it, customers have the chance to accumulate points and earn gift certificates good for any merchandise on their website. Not only that, but program members also receive absolutely free ground shipping on all purchases. Best of all, membership in the Skechers Elite program is free!

Safe, Secure, and Fast!

You can be sure that they personal information security very seriously. Protected by top of the line security measures, customers can rest easy knowing their information is secure and that transactions are processed in a safe manner. Orders are processed quickly and sent out the door in a timely fashion so you can get your new shoes in no time, all without leaving the comfort of your home. is a great tool for anyone looking to find the perfect pair of shoes at a great price. With the benefits of the Skechers Elite program’s free ground shipping, customers can save money by buying direct from the manufacturer. With revolutionary programs like the “Bobs” program, customers can delight in the fact that they are helping those in need by making a purchase from one of the most reputable names in the fashion industry.

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Trading – what’s all the fuss about?

Trading is a concept which has been introduced way in the past, when people used to trade different merchandise, depending on their needs. In our modern times, we have revolutionized this process and you can now trade currencies having in mind the strategy “buy low, sell high”. These currencies can be traded on the “foreign exchange market” – also known as FOREX trading.

It sounds very simple and for some it actually is, George Soros for example made millions of dollar from this industry. However, to achieve such great results, one must be disciplined, follow a strict strategy and what is very important – choose a reputable broker. Plus500 is known in the world of FOREX, being one of the most reputable brokers out there. You can open a demo account with them if you feel like just dipping the toes in the game and see what’s all about but if you think you have the courage you can start by with a live account as well, it’s just a matter of your preference!

It’s very important to know that this is not a sure way of making money. As in any other business, there are some risks which you have to take into consideration but, as I mentioned earlier, following a strict strategy you can get way ahead of the game.

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Viral marketing explained

Nowadays we always tend to hear about viral marketing, how something got “viral” on the internet and how cost-effective this technique could be if looking from an online promotion standpoint. What exactly is viral marketing?

Basically, viral marketing translates in something or someone getting widely promoted via word of mouth (in our case social media networks, blog posts, media exposure) without any costs applied. This could happen for a couple of reasons: there’s a shock factor present, unique idea or concept, internet meme or something that a lot of people will benefit from.

Not everything can get viral on the internet, especially if it’s heavily commercial. You won’t get lucky trying to get viral by promoting a product or a service directly, however if you apply a twist to your method chances of generating sales would be much higher. Here are a few examples of the reasons described earlier, which can make something viral:

-  Having the shock factor present

People who saw this video stated that one must be crazy to even attempt to put an Iphone in the blender but actually trying to blend it must is purely insane. Well, here you go! This is the shock factor which BlendTec has basically introduced into an ad, making it viral and also, making it look less commercial.

Let’s think about a plain ad which presents the functionalities of a blender. That sounds boring, doesn’t it? And I’m 100% sure that won’t get viral, thus generating sales.

- Unique idea or concept

Samsung got pretty clever here, advertising its brand and led-technology thru costumer created videos. As you can obviously notice from this video, putting leds (Samsung, of course) on sheep, later on recreating the famous Mona Lisa portrait is, in a funny way, a truly brilliant and unique idea. People loved it, had a laugh, promoted the video without anyone asking them to do so, and generated more than 17 million views. That calls for a lot of money Samsung would have spent otherwise.

- Produce something that a lot of people will benefit from

At&t had a huge campaign increasing awareness regarding the negative affects texting & driving could have. Not only they have educated and spread awareness about something that causes a lots of accidents, they also strengthened their brand and reputation by doing so.

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New category launched – product reviews

I’m glad to announce that I put up a new category on this blog called “product reviews”. Basically, in this category you may find articles that will clarify you if a product is worth to be bought or not. Surely, I am talking about digital products or softwares, I would never give advice upon buying or not a vacuum cleaner.

Given the fact that in the past few 5 almost 6 years now I’ve managed to become an experter in the Internet Marketing area I am confident enough to say that I will truly give only my honest review upon reading/using that certain product in detail.


Product reviews