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There are two big news about Google available on the web:

Google Knol – Wikipedia’s rival

Google launched today the publishing platform named Knol, a platform that is very similar to Wikipedia. Its name comes from “knowledge”.

Knol uses the same publishing instruments like a blog page and the authors can create topics. People will be able to add comments, questions, and even edit content. The article may include an advertisement too if the author wants to. Beside Wikipedia where are only anonymous authors, Knol will present the signature of the them too.

All in all, why not? I am completely sure that this might become a success as other Google projects but I am not that sure it will take Wikipedia’s place.

Google to buy Digg for $200m?

As I came across on TechCrunch, I saw that there are some negotiations between Google and Digg. We are talking about $200m. Kevin Rose, what’s your opinion?

Yeah, Microsoft would like to buy Digg too but they have a smaller bid. Personally, I think that it’s ok Google to buy Digg. I don’t know what different company would be better to do this.


New propeller function available

If you didn’t know, Propeller is another great social network, smaller then digg but very effective and now, there’s a new¬†propeller-logo.giffunction available on it.

Propeller’s developer announced a few hours ago that now, everyone can make groups there. Personally, I made the group called “Google”, feel free to join it!

There are still many good groups available, so create one immediately if you have an account on propeller. It never knows. I do believe that “Google” group that I made will become huge and I might attract some fans too. That’s a way of building your profile too.

Later edit:

Unfortunately, there are some bugs at the moment. The developer is taking care of them all so don’t worry!

Social media optimization

Digg this … B.S!

A few days ago, a story from hit digg’s front page. That article was about some cheats that will helpstop.jpg you gather more votes for your submissions.

They were saying that if you put “Digg this:” in front of the article’s title when submitting it, you might get a few more votes. Oh please, I always bury stories like that. Yes, it’s true, the title of the story from that hit the front page was “Digg this!: 7 cheats for hitting the front page of Digg” and it got about 4000+ diggs.

I don’t say that this technique doesn’t work! Not at all, but don’t abuse! After reading that “cheats”, many and many new digg users tried them, especially this technique. They put in front of their submissions the “Digg this:” structure, although they were submitting crappy stories. I asked another active digger what he thinks about this, his nickname being: diggboss. This is what he said: “Never put digg this in front of the title, looks spammy. You never do that“.

I also asked world reknown copywriter, Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook who is also a high profile digger his opinion and he said while he agrees with the cracked story and where using Digg in the title is relevant, the main problem is, people will abuse putting digg in nearly every title and is will lose impact.

It’s the same as when everyone puts ‘Breaking’ or Breaking News in the title. When you do this too often, nobody will take any notice.

When it comes title’s – ToeCracker says he changes the original title in approx. 95% of the time when submitting as each word is critical to getting your story voted.

Getting your title correct can be the difference between you getting a front page story.

So, folks, stop doing that! There are different ways to attract more attention with your submissions. Title and description help a lot, but don’t do it the bad way. Here’s a great article I found that gives good advice regarding this: “How a good title and description can make or break your social media submission“.

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Google keywords research tool – analysis

Hooray! I took a break for a couple of days and in the meantime the best keyword research tool was launched!

Finally, AdWords keyword tools give us better statistics for the keywords that we would like to rank for. Now, Google made available for everyone the exact number of search volumes for certain keywords.

You don’t have to be a genius to use Google AdWords keywoard tool, actually it’s quite simple. First, you are asked to choose between two methods of generating keyword ideas: Descriptive words or phrases or Website content. I personally prefer the second one. Here’s a screenshot of the first step:


After you did that, hit “Get keyword ideas”, wait a little and the results will show up:


As you can see, Google found the keywords that fit best for my blog, and I am shown the search volume of them. Now, I just need to get back to work and try my SEO powers.

There are pros and cons regarding this keyword research tool. Yes, it is great that we, the SEOs have some concrete numbers and we don’t have to bother anymore searching for keywords that will send us some traffic.

On I tried to rank with my automotive blog for the “concept cars reviews” structure. I thought that it may send me some traffic. I did pretty well, I am on the third place and there are about 6,000,000 results but, that structure sends me almost 0 traffic.

About the cons, imagine that everyone has access to this tool and the competition for certain keywords may grow up and it will become harder to rank for them.

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Popular websites in 1996 and now

This is called progress! Here is a comparison between some popular websites, there is a big difference between the way they look in 1996 and the way they look now, wow! For full size click on the pictures.

  • Yahoo

– In 1996:


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The Mighty Internet

Respect your friends from the social networks

A very important aspect of socializing is to respect your friends from the social networks. This is like an unwritten rule that you should know.

When I said that you should respect them I didn’t mean that you should treat them with “hello sir”. From time to time, take a look at your friend’s profile, especially at his favorites and if you like what you see, vote / comment!

The how many friends you have number is insignificant if you don’t have a good relationship with that friends. Don’t understand that I promote the votes exchange. No way, but I consider normal to check out your friend’s profile from time to time to see what are his new discoveries. If he will see that you are interested in his profile, then, he’ll check yours too.

It’s just like in real life ( I like to make comparisons between blogging and real life because is easier for you to understand what I mean ). If you have a very good friend but you won’t give him a call anymore to ask what’s new or something and if you don’t appear to be interested about him, that friend may get upset and you will have a surprise. Same thing here on the social networks.

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