Bloggers Interview: Daniel Scocco

I think you all know Daniel Scocco, the problogger behind I have prepared a question set for him and he was glad to take it, thank you! Let’s hear the thoughts of a successful blogger:

– First of all, please give me some details about you (Age, occupation, hobbies, anything you want).

I am 24, and for the past 2 years I have been working on the Internet, with a wide range of projects. I would call my self a web publisher, but the definition is evolving over the time.

– When and why did you start blogging and when was the first time you heard about this term?

I first heard about the term back in 2005, on the blog of Steve Pavlina. He described how it was possible for people to start a blog and make a living with it. The idea sounded very attracting, and I started one small blog right after reading that.

– How much time do you spend blogging per day?

Some 4 or 5 hours.

– What’s your target? Money, connection with people, or you just want to let your voice be heard?

My plan is to start a web company soon. My blogs and other online projects are a way to arrive there (for the money and connections that they bring). Even if my startup should take off tomorrow, I will probably keep writing on my personal blog to share my thoughts and ideas.

– Which traffic do you consider to be the best? The one provided by search engines or social media networks?

Search engines. It is more stable and can be molded more easily (i.e. led to click on ads).

– What are the best ways to promote a blog?

Put some killer content on it, then let other people know about it (email them, use social sites, etc).

– In your opinion, what makes a blog be good?

Its content.

– How do you monetize your blog?

I have direct advertising deals in place (companies that sponsor the blogs).

– What monetization methods do you recommend?

Direct advertising deals. If you have a huge number of page views, perhaps CPM ads. If you have a huge organic traffic (from search engines) then perhaps AdSense.

– Could you give some advice for the new bloggers?

Focus on creating outstanding content, the rest will follow. People must read it and say “shit, I better bookmark this website and come back in the future!”

This question set addressed to a big problogger has the intention to help the new ones understand better this phenomenon called blogging.