How to connect with your readers

As you all know, a blog is an online journal where you can write your thoughts, opinions about certain topics, in my case: blogging about blogging. Blogging has evolved over time and you can now see huge projects like techcrunch that are actually blogs.

What’s so great about blogging, you may ask. Well, the great thing is that you can get a response from your readers on your articles, that is called feedback. Really, everyone has an opinion and you’ll see how great you feel when someone posts a comment on your article. In blogging, connecting with your readers is essential if you want to “stand out of the crowd” and do something special. Maybe that is why in the last few years the “blogoshpere” has grown so much, it came with something special.

But how can you connect with your readers?

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Comments review

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Stumbleupon updates for September 16th

Stumbleupon came with a big surprise for the social media guys. They have introduced some great improvments:

  • add more than 200 Friends
  • This is good and bad. Let’s start with the good aspect. Members like you and me will be able to get in touch with more passionate bloggers or interesting people. Regarding friends, sky is the limit! About the bad aspect, spammers will have the chance to add more and more friends so they can send pages to them and promote their websites, but stumbleupon took care of that as well. You will receive this message if you add too many friends in a very short period of time:


  • subscribe to another member’s Stumbles without becoming their Friend
  • This wasn’t really necessary. First I didn’t get it. But if you think a little about it, you will realize that maybe you just want to subscribe at someone’s favorites and not to become a friend with him or her, although, if you like someone’s activity you might consider getting to know that person.

  • members who’ve unsubscribed from StumbleUpon no longer appear as your Friend
  • Oh that’s great! It won’t be necessary anymore to delete your “dead” friends.

  • “Fans” will now be known as “Subscribers”
  • Doesn’t need any explanation, does it?

  • Subscribers who are new StumbleUpon members appear at the top of your Subscribers list
  • Okay, this might help, you can now see who is new to stumbleupon and who isn’t. You can put an eye from time to time on the new members to see how they manage.

More than that, you can now see how similar you are with another stumbler. To see that you just have to enter a page of another stumbler, and on the right side it will appear something like this:


All in all, I really like these changes.

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