Stumbleupon introduces “share”

We talked so many times about Stumbleupon so I assume you already know that this is one great social network. Lately, Stumbleupon has introduced a new function called  sharing.

You can now share a story that you liked most with your entire list of friends.  To do this you have to go to “Your favorites”. Once you get there, you will see in the left side of the page a list of thumbnails. Mouse over one of those thumbnails and then click “Share” if you want to share that respective story with your friends. Here is how it looks like:


(click on the image for full size)

The good

It’s obvious that you can now easily share a story that you liked, with your friends. You can manually select some fellows or you just click on “all” and stumbleupon will do the hard work.

The bad

This is also obvious – spammers! Since this functions has been introduced, I started to get way too many stories into my email from people that only want to promote their websites. I do agree to be sent one or two stories per week from a fellow of mine, but sending me 2-3 stories / day / person is just dumb. I don’t even have time to read&see so many websites.

There was something like this before as well. It is named  “Send to” and can still be found in the toolbar. However, with “Send to” you aren’t able to send emails in mass.

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