Nice surprise from CX Digital Media

Today I got a call from FedEx asking me the hours I am available at so they can come by and give me a packet from Canada. I then immediately knew that it must be something from one of the companies I currently work with – CX Digital Media.

I felt like a child on Christmas when opening the package, being very curious to see what’s inside it. Here’s a pic with what I got:


– 2 tshirts

– 2 pencils

– 1 thermos flask

– 1 super mini mobile charger
I really like all these stuff. Actually I was just going to buy a new thermos flask because I lost the old one. Not talking about the mini mobile charger which is actually great since my iphone’s batter only lasts less then one day (damn all the apps and stuff).

Thank you very much CX Digital Media and least but not last many thanks to my account manager Waqaas Hashmi who is a great and helpful person!

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