Free advice for everyone

From now on I will help you with your blogs for free. You can ask me whatever you want about blogging, monetizing, search engine optimization or social media optimization, all for nothing (Though I won’t say no to a beer or a coffee).

Why pay hundreds of dollars to ask a so called “expert” if you can ask me for free? I guarantee that I can help you no matter the problem you have.

Ok, so if you have any problems, feel free to ask me. To do that you have to go onto the “Free advice” page and complete the form which can be found there.

I will get back to you within 24 hours and weekly all the questions and answers will be posted here (or most of them).

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5 Responses to “Free advice for everyone”

  1. Bamboo Forest

    That should make for some very resourceful entries! (:

  2. Desmond -

    This the first time I see someone is doing this. Keep it up!

  3. Wayne

    I’m a programmer in Southern California, and I also help people with their blogs for free. For extensive ‘work’ though, I have to charge, otherwise my girlfriend would kill me.

    Perhaps we can team up and help people out? Ping me if you’re interested. I am new to blogging, but have the entire backend systems down. I started blogging late last year to get a grip on the social aspects to add to my repetoir.

  4. Wayne

    What’s up Alex! I’m starting a series of posts on my blog geared toward helping those using the platform. Would you be interested in helping out from time to time where my knowledge falls short? Perhaps as a guest writer?

  5. Alex

    @Wayne, sure mate! I will write a guest post for you!

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