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Business cards are very important nowadays and I feel like they will always be important because of one simple reason: they are a must. Whenever going at a meeting, you will want to meet new people, interact with others and so on. Alright, you will talk a lot with them at that meeting but you will also want to talk with them later tomorrow so here’s where business cards are important – they will simply give one to you, which practically is a small card that contains little information about that respective person (name,occupation,phone/e-mail).

In return, you always need to have some business cards at you. Don’t fall in that shameful situation of not having a business card at you when someone asks you for one, you just can’t simple say “alright, do you have a pencil and a piece of paper? Write down my contact info!”.

UPrinting is one great company that delivers this kind of stuff – from business cards, to canvas prints, flyers and more, you can find out more by simply visiting their website.

Done with talking, let’s get back to serious things. Here’s one great giveaway that you will definitely like, sponsored by UPrinting:


– The first winner gets 1000 free standard size business cards.

– The second winner gets one free 18×24 canvas print.

You can choose from any of their stocks for these items.

How to enter:

It’s very simple. Just leave a comment at the end of this post, describing what you would use the free business cards/canvas print for.


Winners will be picked randomly. Also, winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.

This giveaway will end on March 26. I wish you good luck!

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21 Responses to “Get 1000 free business cards & 1 free canvas print”

  1. sergiu23

    I would use it to move my website on a .com domain and promote it

  2. Marc

    I will use the cards for one simple reason: because they’re a must, just like you said !

  3. Badita Florin

    I Would use em to give them to people for my new blog

  4. Shelby

    I would use them to promote my Sites and look a little more professional when doing so

  5. julieb

    I would use them to promote you and I!

  6. Ben Gribbin

    I’m going to use them as mini portfolios for a new icon design site I’m making

  7. Danyelle Phillips

    I would use them as a way to connect, help people, socialize, find jobs and of course advertise the website. I think this is a great idea!

  8. Steve

    I would create a social calling card with my blog, twitter , & facebook info.

  9. Urgo / FirstDigg

    I have business cards for my “day job” but there are so many other things I do outside of that such as make videos for youtube and run socialblade that having some personal business cards would be very helpful. So pick me, pick me! 😉

    – Urgo / FirstDigg

  10. Tomboys

    I’d use them for my comedy troupe.

  11. Rigo

    I own a financial services marketing agency and I am looking to hire people for my business.

  12. Franis Engel

    Everything I do for a living would not fit on one business card!
    So I would target one of the things I do on my website. That would be my holiday window painting business.
    I work at and teach people who apprentice to me (some have been taggers) how to make mural art. I just moved, so I need new cards for doing that. Usually, I work only seasonally in CA. during Christmastime to paint windows. I teach Alexander Technique while I’m in Hawaii. I live in two places because I developed allergies in CA, and in Hawaii they are gone – so far, (knock on wood.) But lately, people who are interested in learning Alexander Technique have fallen off since the decline in the economy. So I am reduced back to being a sign painter again to survive. At least people know what a sign is – unlike Alexander Technique. Self preservation in business trumps using alternative means to learn how to minimize back pain episodes and/or get beyond the self-imposed limits of conditioning every time. And – I’m broke. So that’s why I need to win cards free from a contest.

  13. Tim

    I would use the 1000 business cards to build myself a tiny house to live in. Alternatively, some kind of unique business card sculpture. Either way, intrigued onlookers would come to investigate, and be greeted by full details of my business. Exposure!

  14. Jan

    I would donate the prize of the 1,000 business cards to my daughter’s business at She’s a young woman who started her own business and Im proud of her….thank you

  15. Davida

    I would use the card to promote my online shoppe.

  16. shali atkinson

    I would use them to promote my blog

  17. Laura-Jane - Whimfield

    Thanks for the contest! I’d use the business cards to make some personal cards to promote my blog (instead of my business). Thanks!

  18. April Smith

    I am a citizen journalist into new and social media.

    Nice to meet you :) I like the construction of your site.. very simple and easy to ready :)

    I always need business cards… it is a most effective communication tool! :)

    Thanks for recognizing that :)

  19. Independent_Profit_Center

    I think you made some good points

  20. Candy Collins

    There are a few printing companies online such as or, but I have never
    heard about UPrinting before. I did use VistaPrint and they are cheap and fast. Of course I want to try this company service to compare with my previous experience.
    I need my new business card for my new IM business.

  21. Wilmington

    Thats some good fundamentals there, already know some of that, but you can always learn . I doubt a “kid” could put together such information as dolphin278 suggested. Maybe he’s just attempting to be “controversial? lol

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