Nice surprise from CX Digital Media

Today I got a call from FedEx asking me the hours I am available at so they can come by and give me a packet from Canada. I then immediately knew that it must be something from one of the companies I currently work with – CX Digital Media.

I felt like a child on Christmas when opening the package, being very curious to see what’s inside it. Here’s a pic with what I got:


– 2 tshirts

– 2 pencils

– 1 thermos flask

– 1 super mini mobile charger
I really like all these stuff. Actually I was just going to buy a new thermos flask because I lost the old one. Not talking about the mini mobile charger which is actually great since my iphone’s batter only lasts less then one day (damn all the apps and stuff).

Thank you very much CX Digital Media and least but not last many thanks to my account manager Waqaas Hashmi who is a great and helpful person!

Affiliate Marketing

How to get approved by any affiliate network

Getting approved at big affiliate networks that have great payouts it’s a challenging thing, but my brain works on this principle “if he could do it, why couldn’t I?” and you should too. I am member of many affiliate networks and trust me, some of them are really really good (Market Leverage, MaxBounty,etc) but some offer only few campaigns that don’t even pay much. So, choosing and getting approved at a big and good affiliate network is an important step. So, how do I get approved by any affiliate network?

Tip 1 – Have an website/blog

I know, you could be a huge e-mail marketer, but this isn’t enough. Every big affiliate marketer has its own page on the web. Perhaps, you could make your personal website or blog where you describe yourself and what you do. This helps a lot, the review team will definitely think you are a serious and professional guy.

Tip 2 – Speak English fluently

This is only valid for people outside USA. If not all, 90% of the affiliate networks that exist will give you a call and ask you some questions. If you will say only “aaah”, “okaay”, “aaah”, your chances to get approved will decrease. If you are good at writing but not that good at speaking English, ask a friend of yours to speak instead of you.

Tip 3 – Don’t use “ghetto language”

You should never, but never speak with “yo”, “dawg” and I don’t know what other ghetto words when talking to an affiliate network staff member. You won’t be cool doing this, the person who you will be talking with will think you are just a kiddo or a douchebag that only had a dream to make money through man with a dollar symbol

Tip 4 – Be prepared to answer any question

Most of the affiliate networks if not all of them will ask you this when trying to join them:

“How are you going to promote our products?”

You should have an answer ready for this question and not babble. If you have a pause like “aaaaa”, your chances to be approved will decrease.

Tip 5 – Use [email protected] instead of gmail, yahoo, etc

Some networks even request you to use the email provided by your domain name in order to verify that you really own that website. Using this tip will show that you are professional and don’t play.

There could be more, but following these tips should eventually get you approved by any affiliate network as long as it is open for new publishers. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me or write a comment here and I will try to help you!

Getting approved isn’t really a big thing, the hard part comes when you have to make money, but this is the first step. You can’t make money without being a member somewhere.

Affiliate Marketing