Google and web 2.0 democracy

Warner Todd Huston blames Google for freezing the anti-Obama blogs that were made on the “Bloggbarack-obama.jpger” platform.

It’s official, Google decided to be for Barack Obama, so the guys from this company thought that their best contribution would be to close all the anti-Obama blogs that contain different rude posts, blogs that were made on the Google’s blogging platform called “Blogger“.

What do I think about this? To be sincere with you, I don’t really agree with the Google’s decision of taking down the anti-Obama blogs because we live in a free world and I am sure that there will always appear pros and cons, no matter what subject would be.

If you ask me, I would recommend Google to start a nice, friendly campaign on AdWords for Obama’s official site.

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5 Responses to “Google and web 2.0 democracy”

  1. SebKom

    Hi, just subscribed on your feed yesterday, glad to read bloggers around my age! (I am nearly 20 by the way) :)

    If Google removed these blogs just because they were anti-Obama then you are right. But if they removed them because of being “rude” and ToS abusing, they were absolutely right and should do so if any anti-McCain blogs abuse the ToS as well.

    We are free as long as we don’t create problems to other people and when you agree to use something in a way you have to be ready and face the consequences if you don’t do so.

  2. Alex

    That’s true SebKom, very good point but I am not sure that all of them were breaking the rules. The main reason of this deletion was that they were anti-Obama and Google wants somehow to clean the internet, I guess, of all these “haters”.
    p.s Thanks for the subscription :).

  3. Wayne

    I was not aware of this, so firstly thanks for bringing this to my attention. I agree with SebKom on the variations this may be taking, but I running with Google not wanting to promote anyone but Obama. (I’m actually for Obama because the alternative scares me more, anyway, that’s another thing…)

    They are free blogs and run on Googles servers, therefore, they can probably get away with this. However, I completely disagree with this. It hinders free speech and to me, is unfair to the people stating their opinions.

    Personally, Google has lost some points with me on this, and perhaps a personal vendetta of posts to raise awareness of this action is required on my part.

    Subscribing and stumbling! Good stuff alex, glad I found ya. Cheers!

  4. Alex

    Thank you Wayne for your appreciation!

  5. Rob

    I was surprised when I first read what you wrote about Google shutting down the blogs of those opposing “their man.” But then the more I thought about it, I’m not surprised. There are many out there (and I guess Google is now included) who clamor for free speech, as long as it agrees with them. Everyone else, SHUT UP! or in this case SHUT DOWN!

    Political correctness steamrolling its way across the Internet now, crushing those who don’t freely express the PC line. Sad indeed!

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