Top 5 best ways to copy at school

If you are tired of studying all day long, I have some good and simple methods that will help you get good grades without even reading a book or something. Notice that I don’t encourage copying at school instead of learning, because without learning you won’t be successful.

– The scrip integrated in the pencil


This method is a little bit expensive, efficient but it has a big disadvantage – many information won’t fit in a pencil. Ok, so to do that you need to buy a big pencil. Do you know that type of pencils with 5 or more colors, a pencil with many lamellas in it? Ok, buy one! I had a pencil like that and on each lamella I stuck a thin small piece of paper and rolled it. When wanting to copy, just pull that paper and it will roll out.

– The first high-tech copying methodmobile-phone.jpg

Forget the oldschool! If you have a good cell phone with a camera integrated in it, a camera that works very well, then you must try this method because it is very efficient. I think you know what you have to do. Just make some pictures of the papers you have to learn. While on a test, pretend that you are trying to see what time it is or you are using the calculator on your phone, but, actually you are copying, haha!

– The second high-tech copying method

Another high-tech method is the one with the hands-free. To do that, you have to record your voice while reading the papers you need to learn, upload the file on your mobile phone, and then listen to your voice when you have the test. Or, if you have a good friend, you may ask him to call you and read you what you need.

– The geek method

Here’s a geeky method. For this, you need a coke, a scanner, a printer, a computer, and a few photoshop skills. Here’s the video tutorial for this method:

– Old style method

Least but not last, the very old method – the standard copying style. All you need for this is one small piece of paper, and good writing skills because you need to write as small as you can. This is the fastest method, it doesn’t require you much time for preparation, but you risk to get caught.

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10 Responses to “Top 5 best ways to copy at school”

  1. Jim Sefton

    What school did you go to that let you take in a cellphone??? And to have an ear piece in??? mmm, not convinced

  2. Jim Sefton

    LOL, love the coke bottle method though!

  3. Alex

    @ Jim – on my Chemistry classes, our teacher let us use our cell phones for calculations. About the hands-free method, if you wear a jacket or something, you could put the hands-free wire in your sleeve and cover your ear with your palm or something like this.

  4. sunny beach

    While I do not agree with the idea I can not fault the person for giving advice.

  5. Jim Sefton

    Blimey, we would never have got away with that, they glared at you like a hawk. I think the coke bottle method would have been the only one that would stand a chance :)

  6. Wayne

    Hell, my high school allowed us to smoke on campus. It wasn’t until my junior year that they killed it. I graduated in 89 to provide some context. It’s not surprising to me that kids can have cells in class.

    If I only had tools like you have today when I was in school, perhaps I wouldn’t have been kicked out of chem class. :)

  7. yonu

    Wow! I like a lot the geek method. Maybe I will try it. Thanks!

  8. Rice

    it was only in high that i cheated or copied. the sillies i did was literally copied from my notebooks. i hid the notebooks under my chair by sitting on them. and yes, i was early caught on the act of cheating!! xD

  9. Vince Shepard

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