New propeller function available

If you didn’t know, Propeller is another great social network, smaller then digg but very effective and now, there’s a new¬†propeller-logo.giffunction available on it.

Propeller’s developer announced a few hours ago that now, everyone can make groups there. Personally, I made the group called “Google”, feel free to join it!

There are still many good groups available, so create one immediately if you have an account on propeller. It never knows. I do believe that “Google” group that I made will become huge and I might attract some fans too. That’s a way of building your profile too.

Later edit:

Unfortunately, there are some bugs at the moment. The developer is taking care of them all so don’t worry!

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2 Responses to “New propeller function available”

  1. Bamboo Forest

    Propeller used to be called something else. I can’t recall right this second. I think it was run by netscape.

  2. Dion Gagner

    I think i be able to understand you on every point of your article. It was not easy cos i’m french ^^

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