Viral marketing explained

Nowadays we always tend to hear about viral marketing, how something got “viral” on the internet and how cost-effective this technique could be if looking from an online promotion standpoint. What exactly is viral marketing?

Basically, viral marketing translates in something or someone getting widely promoted via word of mouth (in our case social media networks, blog posts, media exposure) without any costs applied. This could happen for a couple of reasons: there’s a shock factor present, unique idea or concept, internet meme or something that a lot of people will benefit from.

Not everything can get viral on the internet, especially if it’s heavily commercial. You won’t get lucky trying to get viral by promoting a product or a service directly, however if you apply a twist to your method chances of generating sales would be much higher. Here are a few examples of the reasons described earlier, which can make something viral:

–  Having the shock factor present

People who saw this video stated that one must be crazy to even attempt to put an Iphone in the blender but actually trying to blend it must is purely insane. Well, here you go! This is the shock factor which BlendTec has basically introduced into an ad, making it viral and also, making it look less commercial.

Let’s think about a plain ad which presents the functionalities of a blender. That sounds boring, doesn’t it? And I’m 100% sure that won’t get viral, thus generating sales.

– Unique idea or concept

Samsung got pretty clever here, advertising its brand and led-technology thru costumer created videos. As you can obviously notice from this video, putting leds (Samsung, of course) on sheep, later on recreating the famous Mona Lisa portrait is, in a funny way, a truly brilliant and unique idea. People loved it, had a laugh, promoted the video without anyone asking them to do so, and generated more than 17 million views. That calls for a lot of money Samsung would have spent otherwise.

– Produce something that a lot of people will benefit from

At&t had a huge campaign increasing awareness regarding the negative affects texting & driving could have. Not only they have educated and spread awareness about something that causes a lots of accidents, they also strengthened their brand and reputation by doing so.

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