Good news: new domain extensions available

I have some good news for you! ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ) thought thatinternet.jpg there aren’t enough domains available on the internet, most of the good ones are taken so there is a great proposal: .news, .sports, .ebay and more. This is very good because we all know that many good domain names are taken, so if you want to start a sports related blog you have to think hours and hours for finding a good domain name that is available but with this change you will be able to buy a domain that ends in .sports.

You will be able to buy the domain that is has the most related name to your website’s content. For example, if you wish to start a blog where you will write about IBM products, you will be able to buy a domain with the extension .ibm, isn’t that great?

It will be a little weird at the beginning, until we will get used with these new extensions, but we’ll manage.

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7 Responses to “Good news: new domain extensions available”

  1. Azhar Iqbal

    Where can i get complete list of available extentions, i am not interested in .news, .sports or .ebay ?

  2. Alex

    You did not understand. You’ll be able to choose any extension you want, like

  3. John

    I don’t think it will be a little weird at the beginning, I think it will always be weird. Sounds like a wild west mess to me. It’s nice if you have a big brand, but how will it be regulated? I mean if I have the name ABC Domains and sell on eBay, could I get ABCdomains.ebay – or will eBay have control over that extension?

  4. Vamsi

    This is not good. The confusion and panic will be endless. You will find a good domain with a good extension but the branding of companies could be in a huge mess.

  5. gothik12

    This sounds like good news to you :)) ? sounds like a website, but blog.alextips sounds like a blog??? It will be an infinite confusion. And it will be a huge problem in search engines…I’m sure about this. Try SEO then…
    But we are still waiting for this to come.

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  7. David Lye

    Thanks for the info – don’t forget to post about the Australian domain name industry – it’s really starting to take off… Thanks again

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